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Dresses for plus sizes

Communion is a very special event, and being so special it is important that your daughter is able to find a dress that fits perfectly, enabling her to glow and be totally happy and confident! No perfect fit, no happy young lady at her communion - and that's a fact.

Should your daughter not have a standard size then it is important that she is measured correctly. Please refer to our size chart in order to see what measurements are needed or ask a qualified retailer to do so who will have years' of experience in assessing the correct size needed. Needing a bigger size dress does not mean "buy a size bigger", for example buying size 11 instead of size 10. Buying a size bigger can mean that the position of the waist, the length of the torso, the circumference of the arm or the overall length of the dress are out of proportion with your daughter, making her even more unhappy about not being able to buy a dress like the other girls and dwarfing her with even more fabric! Often your daughter will need the same length dress as her friends, but simply more fabric around the chest, the waist and the hips. That is to say that buying a plus size dress means keeping the length, but being sure that the dress size is followed by an L, XL or XXL in order to be sure that there is enough fabric around your daughter's torso.

We are not like other manufacturers who offer a separate dress collection for plus sizes. Often these dresses are shapeless, your daughters' body being brought into shape through either a corset or a belt. For all of us at Emmerling it is crucial that all girls can wear the same dresses - there should be no stigma or discrimination attached to being bigger than the other girls taking their first communion. This is why we offer all our Emmerling dresses in up to 17 sizes so that the petite, regular and stronger built girls can all be equal with respect to the selection of dresses available! Without a doubt the happiest girl at her communion is the young lady who is spoilt for choice when selecting her dream communion dress!

Should you also be looking for a jacket for your daughter, please bear in mind that the jacket size must not be identical to the dress size. This is because our jackets are open boleros, meaning that it could be possible that a smaller jacket size is needed than the dress size chosen. All Emmerling boleros can be ordered in all sizes independently of the dress size. Again, your specialised retailer will have the best eye for the optimal size. We are happy to recommend retailers who specialise in plus sizes or who have a large selection or Emmerling dresses.

Which dresses are particularly suitable for bigger sizes? The following dresses are the best-selling 2021 communion dresses in big or plus sizes: Anastasia, Daniela, Elena, Ella, Elisa, Erika and Barbara.

This is because either their pleats are very flattering or else the skirt falls so nicely that every young lady has a wonderfully slender waist and a slim silhouette! By the way: Did you know that precisely these dresses are also the best dresses to be taken by very thin girls? These dresses are able to make fuller and thin, and this they do in an elegant, tasteful manner!